CTC Wessex Cycling

Member Group of the Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC)

Cycling in Bournemouth, Poole, East Dorset and the New Forest


CTC Members

If you are not a member, you may ride with us a few times but then we will expect that you join the CTC through our National Office.


Area Covered

We ride on the quiet country lanes in the Wessex area: Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire.


Never on a Monday

Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays. Groups for the easy riders and the fast pedallers, choose yours!

Welcome to CTC Wessex Cycling

Touring cycling at speeds and distances to suit all abilities

Our rides are open to all cyclists interested in leisure cycling in the Dorset area. The core activity of the club is in our weekly day rides:  These range from short and easy rides up to longer harder rides for those that like to stay out all day. Most of our rides tailor the ride speed to the slowest of the riders, however some harder rides have a target speed that you will be expected to maintain.   

To choose a ride, consider what pace you can maintain, and how long you want to ride for. Each ride has a summary of what they do and where they go; click through to find one to suit your style.  The colour-coding on the headings goes from green for shorter new-comer friendly rides, through amber for medium length and speeds, to red for our longest and fastest rides.  If in any doubt, contact the Ride Organiser who will be happy to talk through the details of any upcoming rides.

Tuesday Toasters Easy

The ‘Toasters’ use quiet roads at the pace of the slowest riders, making it ideal for newcomers to group cycling.

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Thursday Riders Medium

A sociable full-day ride with a stop for morning coffee and a picnic for lunch (half days in December and January).

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Thursday Dawdlers Easy

An easy-paced cycling group meeting every Thursday at the start point or making their own way to the coffee point.

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Coffee Grinders Hard

A full day of cycling every Thursday with three stops (coffee, lunch, afternoon tea) throughout the day.

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Wayfarers Easy

An informal Saturday ride for everyone and an ideal way to get fit before you decide whether you want to join our club.

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Saturday Velos Hard

We cycle on Saturdays with fixed start points but we can be flexible with our route/destination.

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Sunday Rouleurs Medium-Hard

A harder-riding group offering half-day rides to coffee and back. Riding time is approximately 4 hours.

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Sunday Inters Medium-Hard

The ‘Inters’ are a happy go lucky bunch of medium-paced riders, who look forward to Sunday rides.

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