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Tim Smith / Paul Sargeant
Tim Smith / Paul Sargeant
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Difficulty Level: Hard | Speed: 14–15mph average | Distance: 70+

We arrange a full day cycling every Thursday. As such the average pace is moderate at around 14mph. Three stops throughout the day will be arranged with a morning coffee stop, a lunch stop where some riders may bring their own packed lunch and an afternoon tea stop. Rides are usually around 80 miles. Possibly a little more in the summer but may be shorter in the winter. Nobody is left behind, regrouping as necessary and supporting the group with punctures etc.

A designated ride leader will plan the route including meeting point and time which is communicated via a WhatsApp group. In the first instance new riders should contact one of the ride organisers Paul Sargeant or Tim Smith for more information after which they will be invited to join the WhatsApp group. Once a rider has become established in the group they will be expected to plan and lead rides in turn with others.

In the event that the ride leader decides to cancel the ride due to safety concerns this will be communicated via the WhatsApp group by 7.30am on the Thursday morning.


Please contact ride organiser for details